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Frugal Feast at The Empress

Take your Bottle Apostle wine to The Empress for their Frugal Feast - and don't pay any corkage!


Frugal Feast at The Empress

Tuesday April 25th 2017

£22 for 3 Courses with BYO wine from Bottle Apostle – no corkage


                                   Wild nettle soup, sheep’s ricotta 

Roasted carrots, hazelnuts, sumac

Smoked ham hock, leeks, Esplette



Guinea fowl leg, pressed potatoes, wild garlic

Roast plaice, broccoli, anchovy

Roasted pearl barley, asparagus, peas, feta

Shepherd’s pie, greens (for 2) 



Honey ice cream, caramelised banana

Custard tart, rhubarb jam

Lemon thyme sorbet



To book call 020 8533 5123


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